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Quick. Simple. Accident-free.

EVO LOCK is a TÜV-certified strap lift system for lashing straps in flatbed trucks and tautliners and makes it easy to secure cargo from the ground. An investment for more productivity and safety!

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The advantages for truckers

  • Load securing from the ground with minimum effort
  • The tie-down – always close at hand – always tidy
  • No laborious climbing up and down
  • Up to 70% quicker load securing
  • Guarantees proper load securing

The advantages for carriers

  • Significant time savings during loading and unloading
  • Hence cost reduction and increase in sales
  • Fewer accidents at work – greater protection of employees
  • Fewer load accidents due to proper securing
  • Rapid amortisation & TÜV-tested and approved

This is what load securing looks like today

The reliable securing of cargo is a legal requirement across all industries and is of primary importance. If your general cargo is not appropriately secured during transport, it can cause damage to both cargo and truck; it may cause personal injury and have severe consequences.

The EVO LOCK load securing system is a particularly user-friendly solution for truckers and carriers to load their cargo safely with minimal effort. The strap lift system for lashing straps was especially developed for general cargo transport in tautliners and flatbed trucks. Truckers no longer have to climb onto the loading area to lay the straps – instead the straps are always close at hand, thus facilitating up to 70% faster load securing from the ground.

Smart load securing – delights entrepreneurs – motivates drivers!


The ingenious aid for efficient load securing

Easy mounting by means of screw clamps

Depending on the length of the trailer, EVO LOCK is firmly mounted along the upper roof bow without vehicle add-ons. No vehicle add-ons are necessary. The number of EVO LOCK elements can be selected freely and can also be expanded at any time

Always close at hand

The lashing straps or tie-downs with a width of 50 mm now run above the cargo area, parallel to the EVO LOCK rails and are guided downwards at a 90° angle via the 2 guide elements on the left and right. This means that the lashing straps are always in position and ready at hand and stay clean and dry! There is no need to roll up and stow the straps, and the cargo area is always easily accessible for trouble-free loading and unloading.

Flexible positioning

The straps are connected via the guide elements – using a rope – to the EVO LOCK winding and unwinding mechanism, which is situated in a protected position inside the EVO LOCK rails. This allows for the lashing straps to be flexibly pulled to the required position and, after the ratchets have been released for the next load, move back on their own to a 90° starting position.

Developed for general cargo transport

EVO LOCK was especially developed for general cargo transport with flatbed trucks and curtainsiders and ensures substantially faster, easier and accident-free load securing – regardless of the shape of the transported goods or how high, wide or bulky the load is. The lashing straps are accessible from the ground at all times, can always be positioned flexibly and also allow for diagonal lashing.

Minimising the risk of accidents

Thanks to the lashing straps, which are always ready for use and can be pulled into the right position from the ground without any effort, there is no need for risky and accident-prone work on the loading area. With EVO LOCK, the retractable system for lashing straps, you can master load securing without risk and meet the high demands for safety for both people and cargo.

Maximising efficiency and yield

EVO LOCK ensures that loads are secured up to 20 minutes faster, thus increasing driving time within the permissible behind-the-wheel times. With 3 loadings and unloadings per day, this means 1 hour per day in time saved x 200 working days; this makes 200 hours a year * €30 per working hour; and this means a cost savings of €6,000.00 per year.

Why secure loads?

Legal basics for securing loads

Errors in load securing are not a trivial offence! All persons involved in the transport of goods are responsible for the correct securing of the cargo. The loader, the driver and the vehicle owner. Driver and loader are responsible for proper securing. The vehicle owner, usually also the company owner, must provide the driver with the necessary load securing aids such as tie-downs, locking beams, stowage pads and anti-slip mats. These load securing accessories must be regularly checked by an expert to ensure they are in proper condition.

“This is exactly where our innovative, patented and TÜV-tested and approved EVO LOCK load securing system comes in. With our retractable system for lashing straps, you master load securing without risk and meet the high demands of safety for both people and cargo.”

Lack of time, wrong equipment, lack of knowledge: Far too often, craftsmen or trucking company drivers venture onto the road in their vehicles with inadequately secured cargo. This is irresponsible and costs carriers, transport companies and the shipping industry millions of euros each year. Securing loads as required by law costs a great deal of time and energy and is an accident-prone affair. One-quarter of all accidents in heavy goods transport can be attributed to faulty securing, which media reports regrettably confirm on a regular basis. For example: “A fully loaded flatbed truck tipped over on a motorway slip road due to excessive speed; the load was scattered all across the motorway and as a result triggered a rear-end collision involving 2 cars, including personal injury.” We, the developers of EVO LOCK, come from a packaging & loading background and have known in its last details the transportation industry and its requirements for decades.

Austria: “The basis of the obligation to secure the load by the loader is laid down in the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO), Section 22 Since 1982, in addition to the driver, the loader is responsible for the safe loading and securing of the goods to be transported.”

Germany: “The StVO for Germany states: Securing of transported goods must be carried out in accordance with the generally recognised codes of practice so that the load cannot slip, fall over, roll back and forth, fall down or generate avoidable noise even during emergency braking or evasive manoeuvres (Section 22). In addition to the guidelines of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) and the accident prevention regulations, the generally recognised codes of practice include internationally valid standards such as DIN EN 12195-1, according to which lashing capacities are calculated uniformly throughout Europe. Anyone who adheres to these regulations is therefore on the right track when driving in other European countries.”

Correct training of drivers and loaders
Carriers and contractors must also train their drivers and loaders in the correct securing of goods in transit. In this way, they provide themselves with a high level of legal certainty with regard to securing itself, and employees are made acutely aware of this important topic.

Further training every 5 years
Since 2014, according to the Professional Driver Qualification Act in Germany, vehicle drivers in commercial freight transport must undergo further training to obtain qualifications at least every five years.

Only transport faultless loads.
Whether using a lashing strap with a clamp lock, turnbuckle or other aid: Vehicle owners and drivers are not only responsible for proper securing, but loads must also be in perfectly proper condition. Liquids or small-particle loads must not leak, and leaking or damaged containers are not allowed to be used. If the police determines deficiencies in securing during an inspection, continuing to drive may be barred. In the event of inadequate securing, those responsible risk fines. If people are injured due to inadequately secured cargo, they may even face criminal charges with fines or imprisonment.

Cost savings with the EVO LOCK load securing system

Load per day Time savings hrs/day Ø truck costs
Savings per month
1 load 0,4h 24 € 528 €
2 loads 0,8h 48 € 1.056 €
3 loads 1,2h 72 € 1.584 €

Payback period

1 load per day after 14 months
2 loads per day after 7 months
3 loads per day after 5 months
Not included in the calculation:
  • sick leave due to accidents at work and the associated truck downtime
  • less wear and tear of the straps owing to wetness, dirt, freezing and theft
  • no costs for edge protection
  • no fines due to incorrect load securing

Safety for people and goods.

Invest in maximum safety and bring your trucks up to date with a state-of-the-art load securing system. Product video

The advantages for truckers

  • Load securing from the ground with minimum effort
  • No laborious climbing onto the loading area
  • The lashing straps do not have to be repositioned
  • Always ready at hand and perfectly positioned
  • The straps always stay clean and dry
  • Twisting of the straps is no longer possible
  • The annoying rolling up and stowing of the straps is no longer necessary
  • The loading area remains tidy and freely accessible
  • No matter where and how high the load is, the lashing strap slides smoothly over the load
  • Up to 70% quicker load securing
  • Guarantees proper load securing

The advantages for carriers

  • Significant time savings during loading and unloading
  • Shorter loading times allow more driving time
  • Hence cost reduction and increase in sales
  • No need to climb on the trailer or load
  • (Thus) more safety and fewer accidents at work
  • Fewer load accidents due to proper securing
  • Rapid amortisation
  • TÜV tested and approved
  • Easy installation on the roof of the semitrailer or flatbed structure
  • No vehicle add-ons necessary
  • The number of systems can be expanded as required
  • Simple, massive and less error-prone system
  • Employee motivation due to state-of-the-art equipment
  • A cutting-edge vehicle fleet enhances your image
  • Brings advantages when recruiting employees
  • Proper load securing owing to easy handling
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